CSL North Outdoor Track and Field


Maine West - Des Plaines, IL -- Maine West High School

2024 Central Suburban League North Conference Track & Field Championship

Friday, May 10th, 2024
Maine West High School
1755 South Wolf Rd, Des Plaines, IL

Central Suburban League North Outdoor Conference Championship

DATE: Friday, May 10, 2024

SITE: Maine West High School - 1755 South Wolf Rd. Des Plaines, IL

Please park in the parking lots north of the Field House. Buses are welcome to drop off teams at the north gate of the stadium and proceed to park in the north lots. Ample parking for parents and spectators is present in these lots, too.


On the Varsity level a trophy will be presented for the first place team. In open events medals will be given for places 1-6. In relay events medals will be given for places 1-3. The Frosh-Soph will be awarded ribbons in open events for places 1-6. Frosh-Soph relays will receive ribbons for places 1-3. All awards are based on CSL guidelines. 


10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 - All Events (6th place relays - 0 pts)


An athlete may only enter four events on one level.

No entries will be allowed at the meet, scratches or substitutions only. Coaches will be allowed to make substitutions during the scratch meeting with a letter signed by the principal.


Weigh-in will be located in the concession stand.


Teams are welcome to use the bleachers for their team camp. Tents may be set up in the grassy area adjacent to the concession stand, too.


A trainer will be available throughout the meet. An automated external defibrillator is present in the pole barn adjacent to the start line. A water station will be present next to the concession stand.

CSL North Boys Outdoor Conference

Games Committee:

All Head Coaches and Starter

Field Event Workers:

Long Jump (south runway adjacent to flagpole): Maine West/Vernon Hills
Triple Jump (follows Long Jump): Maine West/Maine West

Shot Put: Maine West/Maine East

Discus: Maine West/Niles West

High Jump: Maine West/Highland Park

Pole Vault: Maine West/Niles North


Exchange Zones for 4x100    

1st exchange: Vernon Hills/Maine West    

2nd exchange: Highland Park/Maine East       

3rd exchange: Niles North/Niles West


Exchange Zones for 4x200

1st and 3rd exchange: Highland Park/Maine East/Niles North

2nd exchange: IHSA Officials/Maine West


Exchange Zone for 4X400

IHSA Officials/Maine West


Exchange Zone and 4X800

IHSA Officials/Maine West


4:30pm Head Coaches and Officials Meeting 

4:45pm Field Events

Pole Vault - Varsity followed by Frosh/Soph

High Jump - Varsity followed by Frosh/Soph

Long Jump - South Runway (by flagpole), Varsity followed by Frosh/Soph*

          Triple Jump (after Long Jump, South Runway), Varsity followed by Frosh/Soph*

Shot Put - Frosh/Soph followed by Varsity, 4 throws, no finals

Discus - Varsity followed by Frosh/Soph, 4 throws, no finals

*Four jumps, no finals. The runway facilitates a 100’ approach from the 40 foot toeboard.

Frosh/Soph running events will precede varsity.


4 x 800m Relay

4 x 100m Relay

3200m Run

110m High Hurdles 

100m Dash 

800m Run 

4 x 200m Relay 

400m Dash 

300m Intermediate Hurdles 

1600m Run 

200m Dash 

1600m Relay