Prospect Relays


Prospect (IL) High School - Mount Prospect, IL -- Prospect High School Stadium

We will have 2 buses: Bus #1 will be at 8:30am (All field event competitors, plus the open 1600 and open 200 competitiors). Bus #2 will be at 10:00am (Everyone else and anyone that wants to come with to watch).


33rd Annual Mike Stokes “Stogie” Relays - Saturday, April 6, 2024




Highland Park

Maine East

Maine West

Niles North





$5.00 for all attendees (Tickets can be purchased via the GoFan app) LINKED HERE 

All attendees (including students)  must purchase a ticket. Booster passes will not be accepted. Please send this information and link out to your Track and Field community.


Gates open at 9:00


Meet Registration

  • Submit entries to Click on 33rd Annual Stogie Relays. Enter all required info.
  • Submit entries by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, April 4th.
  • Lane assignments determined by seed times. 


Time Schedule

  • 10 a.m. all field events / 10:30 a.m. Open 1600m / 11 a.m. Open 200m (10 athletes max, no field event athletes) / 12 p.m. track events


Clerk and Hip Numbers

Athletes will obtain hip numbers on the football field near the high jump pad. All relay instructions will be given by the clerk in our bullpen area. The clerk will send each relay member to their location on the track.


Field Events

  • Each school can enter 4 competitors in each event. The top 3 competitors' best mark will be combined to create the team’s relay score and place. If a team only has 1 or 2 competitors it will not count towards the team score. Every athlete on a team will be in the same flight. All four athletes on the same team will jump in a row. Pole vault and high jump will be run in the traditional way with 1 flight. 
  • Throws Info - Each School will throw in a mini-flight consisting of their 4 throwers. Each thrower will get 4 throws. The top 3 throwers’ marks from each school will be added together to create the team relay score. The top 9 individuals will be entered in a Finals flight. Each finalist will get 3 additional throws. Throws from the Finals will be entered into the team relay score if they are the athlete’s best from the competition. Finals will take place after the conclusion of mini-flights in both events. Discus finals at the conclusion of mini-flights, followed by Shot Put finals. 


Flight 1 - Huntley, Maine West, Niles North, Prospect

Flight 2 - Barrington, Hersey, Highland Park, Maine East, Wheeling

  • Pole Vault – Starting height 2.35m, 15cm until 4m, then 7cm (could change based on entries).
  • High Jump – Starting height 1.55m, 5cm until 1.90m, then 2cm (could change based on entries).
  • Triple Jump - Four jumps, no finals. Flight 2 then Flight 1. Concurrently with long jump.
  • Long Jump – Same as Triple Jump. Flight 1 then Flight 2. 
  • Shot Put – Info above. Flight 2 then flight 1. Run concurrently with discus.
  • Discus – Same as shot put. Flight 1 then flight 2.



Any tie in the field events will be broken by the best 4th man. In case of a tie for the team trophy, it will be awarded to the team with the most 1st place finishes, and if necessary, second place finishes, etc. 

Frosh/Soph Events

To be in a F/S event an athlete must be a freshman or sophomore. Athletes competing in F/S events may compete in varsity events, as well. 



  • All-weather, red synthetic 9 lane track.
  • Starting blocks will be provided. You can bring your own.
  • Shot put and discus will be thrown adjacent to the track.
  • Portable restrooms will be available in the stadium.
  • A trainer will be in the garage next to the concession stand at the north end of the track.
  • An AED is located near the concession stand.


Field Event Worker Assignments 

Field Events Head Judges – Andrew Bensing (Prospect - Jumps) and Tim Beishir (Prospect – Throws)

  • High Jump – Erik Hodges (Prospect), Lynsey Panek (Prospect) and Prospect Athletes
  • Pole Vault – Tom Clements (Prospect Coach), Wheeling, and Prospect Athletes
  • Triple Jump -  John Moellenkamp, Jim Wills (Prospect), Prospect Athletes
  • Long Jump – Brad Jenisch (Prospect Coach), Chantel Smith (Prospect) and Prospect Athletes
  • Shot Put – Martin Renaud (Prospect), Tim Beishir (Prospect Coach) and Prospect Athletes
  • Discus – Nick Lussow (Prospect) and Prospect Athletes


Finish Line and Exchange Zones

Starter - Kirt Davis  

Assistant Starter - Tim Falconer 

Clerk -  Dave Wurster

Awards - Dave Jacobson

Exchange Zones

  • 1st (100m mark) – Hersey, Highland Park
  • 2nd (200m mark) – Barrington, Niles North and Maine West
  • 3rd (300m mark) – Maine East and Huntley
  • 4th (Start/Finish) - Starters, Clerk and Prospect



  • Varsity Relays: 1st 12 points; 2nd 10; 3rd 8; 4th 6; 5th 4; 6th 2
  • F/S Relays: 1st 6 points; 2nd 5; 3rd 4; 4th 3; 5th 2; 6th 1



Medals for 1st - 4th. Some events have 5th-6th place ribbons. Last year we will be giving out ribbons. Team trophies for the Champion & Runner-Up.



IHSA guidelines. Uniforms should be matching along with underlayers being the same solid color.


Games Committee

Prospect, Hersey, Barrington


Bus Parking

Buses should drop off at the track then move to the west side of the parking lot. 


Concessions and T-Shirts

Both will be for sale. T-shirts = $20


Order and Description of Events


10:30 a.m. 

Open 1600m - Athletes in other events may compete. We will determine the number of sections based on the number of entries. Olympic curve.


11 a.m.

Open 200m - 10 entries max. Athletes in other events may compete. No field event athletes can participate as we don’t want anyone checking out to do this event.


12 p.m. 

  1. 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles - 4x300 IH – Your slowest seed timed hurdler will be placed in the first heat while your fastest seed timed hurdler will be placed in the last heat. Each team must enter four hurdlers. Team places will be determined by adding the four places  and the school with the lowest total number will be awarded first, second to the second lowest, etc. In case of a tie, the most points will be awarded to the team who has the best finisher in the fourth heat (fast heat). All four hurdlers must finish to be awarded points. All incomplete teams will be eliminated when determining place totals. Incomplete teams are only competing for time.  - Green start


  1. 6400 Meter Relay - 4x1600 - New format. Will be run individually in 2 sections. Seeding based on entry time. It’s all about time for your team place and team score. Same as 300 Hurdles above. Olympic curve.


  1. F/S 400 Meter Relay - 4x100 meters – Lanes all the way– Yellow exchanges


  1. Varsity 400 Meter Relay - 4x100 meters – Lanes all the way – Yellow exchanges


  1. 3200 Meter Medley Relay - 400-400-800-1600 meters – Lanes for the first leg. 

Yellow start – Green exchange


  1. 1600 Meter Medley Relay (MDMR) - 200-200-400-800 meters – First two legs will run in lanes 

Yellow exchange until 400 – Green exchange


  1. 4000 Meter Medley Relay (DMR) - 1200-400-800-1600 – Olympic curve – Green exchange


  1. 800 Meter Medley Relay (SMR) - 100-100-200-400 meters – Run in lanes the first three legs 

 Yellow line – Yellow exchange – Green exchange 4th leg


  1. 440 Meter High Hurdle Relay - 4x110HH - Same as 300 meter intermediate hurdles


  1. F/S 800 Meter Relay - 4x200 meters – Lanes all the way – Black Exchange 1 & 2 – Yellow Exchange for 3


  1. Varsity 800 Meter Relay - 4x200 meters – Lanes all the way – Black Exchange 1 & 2 – Yellow Exchange for 3


  1. F/S 3200 Meter Relay - 4x800 meters – Olympic curve – Green exchange


  1. Varsity 3200 Meter Relay - 4x800 meters – Olympic curve – Green exchange


  1. F/S 1600 Meter Relay - 4x400 meters – 3 turn stagger – Blue then Green


  1. Varsity 1600 Meter Relay - 4x400 meters – 3 turn stagger – Blue then Green


Stogie Relays Records







4 x300 IH



Westfallen, Hanson, Galliano, English


6400m Relay


Niles North

Rangel, Sebbat, Bellar, Barr


400m Relay



Knee, Diversey, Chavez, Orlando


3200m Medley



N. Meersman, Heisler, Koertgen, Strobel


440m HH


Niles North

Feng, Desir, Seiks, Williams


1600m Medley



Rendino, Olson, C. Meersman, Ashton


800m Medley



Claes, Melnychuk, Miller, Eiring


4000m Medley



K. Renaud, M. Murray, D. Anczyk, Craven


800m Relay



Barnes, Anzalone, Ward, Batcha


3200m Relay


Niles North

Barr, Bellar, Rangel, Sebbat


1600m Relay



Sawyer, Lozio, Pirie, Cossio


3 x High Jump


Lake Forest

Babe, Irvine, Peterson


3 x Pole Vault



O’Carroll, Kuracek, Tomasetti


3 x Long Jump



Reed, Anderson, Seegar


3 x Triple Jump



Steinhardt, Armin, Reed


3 x Shot Put



Stefan, Warman, Frenk


3 x Discus



Wilson, R. Hoban, Kern