CSL Quad vs. Niles North, Vernon Hills, and Maine East


Niles North High School - Skokie, IL -- Harms Woods

Be at the H Entrance by 3:30pm for the bus to the meet at Harms Woods (hosted by Niles North)

Niles North’s home course is not located at the school.  It is located just West of the school in the forest preserve at the intersection of Golf and Harms Roads.  Your school bus should park in the forest preserve lot which can be accessed just north of Golf road off of Harms Road (Grove #1).  


We plan to start the meet as close to 4:30 p.m. as possible, but we’re also cognizant of travel times and want to ensure that all athletes have sufficient time to warm up properly.  A final decision on the start time of the meet will be determined once all competing teams have arrived at the course.  


Fr/Soph Boys 2 miles

Frosh/Soph Girls 2 miles

Varsity Boys 3 miles

Varsity Girls 3 miles