CSL Quad vs Glenbrook North, Maine East, and Maine West


Highland Park High School - Highland Park, IL -- Sunset Woods Park

We are looking forward to hosting your teams at our new location for the meet on Tuesday, September 25th.  The new course will be at the now closed golf course at the Highland Park Country Club (it is right next to the Highland Park Rec Center off Park Avenue near Route 41). We plan to start the first race at approximately 4:30pm, but can adjust to allow enough warm-up times based on once all teams have arrived.  When the last team arrives, head coaches will meet to determine the start time of the first race. Times are approximate as we will run the races one immediately after another. All races have unlimited entries.

F/S Boys 4:30 2.0 miles

JV Girls 4:50 2.0 miles

Varsity Boys 5:15 3.0 miles

Varsity Girls 5:45 3.0 miles

Course Notes: The property we are using is in the process of a restoration project. Due to that they are currently not mowing the lawn this week, so the grass will be long (sorry for that). In addition, the mosquitoes have been bad these past weeks. We suggest your teams bring bug spray to keep the bugs away.

The course will be marked with a white line and flags.

Red- left

Yellow- right

Blue- straight


When runners finish the race, they will receive a finish card. You will have labels with each of your runner’s names on it.  Please stick the label on the card and turn that in to our scorer, Sarah Palmberg near the finish line.