Sunset Woods Park

Type: Park
Highland Park,IL US

All Meets

Meet Date Season
CSL Quad vs Glenbrook North, Maine East, and Maine West10/02/2018Cross Country
Alumni Picnic07/28/2018Cross Country
Alumni Picnic08/05/2017Cross Country
Highland Park vs Vernon Hills, Maine East, and Maine West09/13/2016Cross Country
Alumni Picnic08/06/2016Cross Country
Alumni Picnic08/08/2015Cross Country
CSL Quad vs NN DF and MW09/23/2014Cross Country
Alumni Picnic08/09/2014Summer
Alumni Picnic08/17/2013Summer
Alumni Picnic 201208/11/2012Cross Country
CSL Quad vs. GBN, ME, and MW09/27/2011Cross Country
Alumni Picnic 201108/13/2011Cross Country
Highland Park Frosh-Soph Invite10/19/2010Cross Country
CSL QUAD - ME, MW, NN, HP09/15/2010Cross Country
Alumni Picnic 201008/14/2010Cross Country
Highland Park Frosh-Soph Invite10/20/2009Cross Country
Boy's Cross Country Alumni Picnic 200908/15/2009Cross Country
Boy's Cross Country Alumni Picnic 200808/16/2008Cross Country
Boy's Cross Country Alumni Picnic 200708/14/2007Cross Country