CSL North Boys Indoor Championships


Maine East - Park Ridge, IL -- Maine East High School Indoor Track

Be at the H Entrance for the buses by 3:30pm dressed and ready to go. 


2024 CSL North Indoor Championship Invitational


Friday March 15th @ Maine East High School  4:45 p.m.


Competing Schools:  Highland Park, Maine East, Maine West, Niles North, Niles West, & Vernon Hills



On the Varsity level a trophy will be presented for the first place team. In individual events medals will be given for places 1-6. In relay events medals will be given for places 1-3. On the Frosh-Soph level, ribbons will be given in individual events for places 1-6. In the relay events ribbons will be given for places 1-3. All awards are based on CSL guidelines. 



10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 - All Events (6th place relays - 0 pts)



An athlete may only enter four events on one level.



We will be using a F.A.T. system to time the meet.  Please make sure your athletes know that they cannot pass through the finish area as they warm up.  



Weigh in will be located at the tables on the basketball court, and should be completed by 4:30pm.



No spikes with the metal pins will be allowed at this meet.  Plastic bottom spikes may be worn without the metal spikes.  Please make sure you have checked your athlete’s spikes BEFORE the meet. Athletes who report to their event wearing metal spikes will not be allowed to compete. 


All IHSA rules are expected to be followed.


The games committee will consist of the starter, and the head coaches. 



School uniforms must be worn and in compliance with the sectional rules. 



Teams are to set up their camps in the bleachers in the balcony.  Space is very limited.  Do not sit or make camps on the high jump or pole-vault pits.  Coaches, please enforce this rule with your athletes.  When not competing please have athletes remain on the balcony.  Only athletes competing or warming up are allowed on the field house floor.



A trainer will be available throughout the meet.



All teams are to dress at home as we do not have locker room facilities to accommodate all the teams involved in the meet.



Maine East High School will not be responsible for lost valuables.  Each coach and school is asked to take care of their own valuables.



Each team must furnish its own relay batons.



Will be furnished by the host team.



Spectators will be allowed.  All spectators are expected to remain in the balcony and use the chairs on the west side.  



All Races will be run F/S followed by Varsity.  Events will begin immediately following the previous event.  


4:30 Coaches Meeting


4:45  Field Events

Triple Jump: Varsity followed by F/S (4 jumps no finals)

Long Jump: Varsity followed by F/S (4 jumps no finals) (follows triple jump)

Shot Put:  F/S followed by Varsity (4 throws no finals) 

High Jump: F/S followed by Varsity (Starting Height TBA) (follows shot put) 

Pole Vault:  Varsity followed by F/S (Starting Height TBA)


5:30  Running Events


Order of Finals

3200 M Relay F/S 1 Heat

3200 M Relay Varsity 1 Heat

3200 M Run F/S 1 Heat

3200 M Run Varsity 1 Heat

50 yd High Hurdles (39”) F/S 2 Heats

50 yd High Hurdles (39”) Varsity 2 Heats

50 yd Dash F/Soph 2 Heats

50 yd Dash Varsity 2 Heats

800 M Run F/Soph 1 Heat 

800 M Run Varsity 1 Heat 

4 x 160 Relay F/Soph 2 Heats of 3 teams

4 x 160 Relay Varsity 2 Heats of 3 teams

400 M Dash F/Soph 3 Heats

400 M Dash Varsity 3 Heats

50 yd Low Hurdles (36”) F/S 2 Heats

50 yd Low Hurdles (36”) Varsity 2 Heats

1600 Run F/Soph 1 Heat

1600 Run Varsity 1 Heat

200 M Dash F/Soph 3 Heats 

200 M Dash Varsity 3 Heats

1600 Relay F/Soph 2 Heats of 3 teams

1600 Relay Varsity 2 Heats of 3 teams

Awards Presentation