CSL North Boys Indoor Championships


Niles West High School - Skokie, IL -- Niles West High School Fieldhouse

Central Suburban League--North Division Track and Field Championships

Friday, March 17, 2023 at Niles West High School 5701 W. Oakton St. Skokie, IL 

Maine West 

Highland Park Giants

Deerfield Warriors 

Maine East Blue Demons

Vernon Hills Cougars 

Niles North Vikings


DATE: Friday, March 17th, 2023 

4:30 p.m. Coaches meeting in the SW storage closet by the starting blocks

4:45 p.m. Field Events Begin 

5:30 p.m. Running Events. We will run ahead if needed. 

2023 CSL North Indoor Championship Invitational 

Friday March 17th @ Niles West High School 5701 W. Oakton St. Skokie, IL @ 4:45 p.m. 


On the Varsity level a trophy will be presented for the first place team. In individual events medals will be given for places 1-6. In relay events, medals will be given for places 1-3. On the Frosh-Soph level, ribbons will be given in individual events for places 1-6. In the relay events ribbons will be given for places 1-3. 


10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 - For All Events 

CHECK-IN’S: Please have all athletes check-in on the middle basketball court to get hip numbers. Tables will be set up for this purpose. Please make sure that athletes DO NOT wear spikes to the check in. They can wear flats, or carry their spikes to the start line for running events. High jumpers and pole vaulters, unfortunately CAN NOT wear spikes as the high jump and pole vault pits are set up on a basketball court. High Jumpers and pole vaulters will need to wear their flats to jump


An athlete may only enter four events on one level. Please enter your athlete’s on Athletic.net. No entries will be allowed at the meet, scratches or substitutions only. 


We will be using a Palatinepack timing for our F.A.T. results. Live results can be found at www.palatinepack.com/timing. 


Weigh in will be located by the shot put area and should be completed by 4:30pm. 


1/4 inch spikes may be worn on the mondo surface. Please make sure your athletes do not wear spikes on the basketball courts at any time. 


The games committee will consist of the starter, and the head coaches. 


Please have your teams set up camp in the bleachers that will be provided or in the hallway leading to the track. Space is unfortunately limited in the Niles West Field House. We will have bleachers for athletes and spectators, but the spectators will be marked. Please make sure that your teams DO NOT set up camp near the finish line of the straight away sprints like the 50 M dash and the 55 M hurdles. 


Niles North will have a trainer on duty for the duration of the track and field meet. 


Locker rooms will not be available for athletes to change. Please have them change prior to arrival. 


Spectators will be allowed. 


All Races will be run F/S followed by Varsity. Events will begin immediately following the previous event. 

4:30 Coaches Meeting 

4:45 Field Events 

Long Jump: Varsity followed by F/S (4 jumps no finals) 

Triple Jump: Varsity followed by F/S (4 jumps no finals) (triple jump follows long jump) Shot Put: F/S followed by Varsity (4 throws no finals) 

High Jump: F/S followed by Varsity (Starting Height TBA) 

Pole Vault: Varsity followed by F/S (Starting Height TBA) 

5:30 Running Events 

Order of Finals 

3200 M Relay F/Soph 

3200 M Relay Varsity 

3200 M Run F/S 

3200 M Run Varsity 

55 M High Hurdles F/S (39”) 

55 M High Hurdles Varsity (39”) 

50 M Dash F/Soph 

50 M Dash Varsity 

800 M Run F/Soph 

800 M Run Varsity 

4 x 160 Relay F/Soph 

4 x 160 Relay Varsity 

400 M Dash F/Soph 

400 M Dash Varsity 

55 M Low Hurdles F/Soph (30” ) 

55 M Low Hurdles Varsity (30” ) 

1600 Run F/Soph 

1600 Run Varsity 

200 M Dash F/Soph 

200 M Dash Varsity 

1600 Relay F/Soph 

1600 Relay Varsity 

Awards Presentation