GBS Meet Highlights

Thursday, May 2 2024 - Glenbrook South, Highland Park, New Trier, Loyola Academy

A crew of HP track & field team members went to a meet at Glenbrook South High School to get some final times and marks as the championship phase of the season gets closer. There were several highlights from the meet.


Field Event Highlights:


The HP throwers had several breakthrough performances at GBS. Dmitry Derbedyenyev (Sr.) once again led the way with significant improvement in both throws. He won the discus with a personal best mark of 125’2.75” which is nearly 3 feet further than his best throw of the season. In the shot put Derbedyenyev came in 2nd place throwing nearly a 2 foot best of 46’3”. Other big improvement was shown in the discus by the following throwers: Alex Knight (Sr.) 103’4.5” (this was a 20 foot improvement!), Devin Symonette (Jr.) 82’5.75”, Rodrigo Sanchez 77’4.25”, Zach Shapiro (So.) 71’7” (this was about a 14 foot improvement), and Tanner Grant (Sr.) 43’2”. In the shot put, Alexandros Drosos (Jr.) had a personal best throw of 33’7.25”. Symonette (37’8.75”), Daniel Derbedyenyev (Fr.) (28’.5”), and Grant (19’8.25”) were all near their personal best marks. 


HP long jumpers had a solid day as well. Charlie Ludington (Jr.) led the way with a jump of 19’2.25” to take 2nd place. Lincoln Seidman (Jr.) got a personal best 18’5.25” mark while Knight also got over 18 feet with a jump of 18’3.75”. Quentin Kelley (Jr.) got a personal best 17’4.75” and Alejandro Jauregui (Jr.) equalled his best mark with a 14’1”. Ari Rosenthal (Fr.) competed for the first time after having foot surgery earlier in the year. He jumped a solid 13’8.5” for his first competition. 


In the triple jump, Seidman got another personal best with a 38’3” mark to take 3rd place. Ludington was near his best at 37’5.5”. Kelley got 35’2” for the event. 


Yonatan Garfinkel (Sr.) cleared 7’8.25” in the pole vault. 


Track Event Highlights:


Mateo Diaz got 18.9 in the 100 meter high hurdles race. 


In the 100 meter dash, all HP competitors ran personal best times. 


Zuno (Sr.)

11.5 (first sub 12)

T. Rosenthal (Sr.)


Edelstein (Sr.)


Rojas (Jr.)


Amin (So.)


Jauregui (Jr.)


Alberts (Fr.)


Garfinkel ran a solid :57.4 in the 400 meter dash. Vasco Leite (Fr.) improved 4 seconds in the 400 from indoors to run 1:04.4.


Zach Coren (Sr.) got 2nd place in the 1600 meter run with a 4:39.0 personal best. Luke Rhoads (Sr.) ran 4:48.7 while Usiel Rodriguez (Jr.) ran 4:59.5 to also run sub 5 minutes. Robby Mendoza (Jr.) and Dylan Stiller (So.) both ran near their personal best times, going 5:44.8 and 5:58.4. Joaquin Rivera continued his impressive streak of 1600 personal best races. He ran a great race to run 6:06.4. His previous best was 6:15.89. Sub 6 is coming soon for this hardworking distance runner. 


Zuno also led the team in the 200 meter dash by going sub 25 for the first time with a :24.3. Edelstein and Rojas also ran personal best  times at :25.6 and :27.3. Leite ran a solid :28.8 for the 200. 


HP took 2nd in the 4X400 meter relay. Rodriguez (:57.4), Garfinkel (:59.6), Rhoads (1:00.3), and Coren (:54.5) capped off the meet with great efforts. 


Overall, the GBS meet was a success for the Giants as they look to gain momentum going into the final invite before the championship phase of the season.


Giant of the Meet Nominations:

Dmitry Derbedyenyev - Big PRs in discus (125’2.75”) and shot put (46’3”).


Yonatan Garfinkel - 3 events 400 PR :57.4, 4X400 :59.6, and PV 7’8.25” while having to borrow a pole to vault. 


Joaquin Rivera - Breakthrough 1600 race to nearly go sub 6 minutes (6:06.4). 


Lincoln Seidman - 2 PRs, long jump (18’5.25”) and TJ (38’3”).


Giant of the Meet:

Dmitry Derbedyenyev